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A Pastoral message 

from Rev. Heidi Hercus


For those who have been asking, yesterday, July 30th the Kirk Session of Lochbroom Ullapool Church of Scotland has decided not to open for Worship services. This may change as the Scottish Government relaxes the Covid-19 Restrictions in Phase 3, and Phase 4 is in place. We have decided to wait, watch and keep informed and will review this decision in 3 weeks time.


I'm sure like all of the leadership team you will be saddened by this news, but understand safety is paramount. There were numerous reasons this decision was made:


#1. Number allowed in church - 50, while we have an average attendance of 40-50, in the summer we can swell to over 60, and we would not like to turn anyone away.


#2. Stewarding/registration of congregation. Every person entering must leave their contact details in the event of having to be tracked and traced.


#3. Singing is not permitted.


#4. Masks having to be worn.


#5. Deep cleaning after each service.


#6. Risk to those who are shielding/vulnerable people.


We look forward to when we can gather together in celebration and worship safely together.

We have been encouraged by the engagement of the online services and they will continue as will the Parish Hub work.

The church is still here and alive, the building is just temporarily closed!  


In Him, Rev. Heidi





A group of volunteers have gathered to put together bags of basic foods for those who might need them at this critical time.  Over 40 bags have been prepared, and volunteers are willing to deliver to those in self isolation (just to the door).  If you are all alone and need help at this time, please call!  No-one need panic or go hungry in this community.

Please phone Yvonne (612789) : Ruth (612790) : Robbie (612749) : or Pam (613736)  


We are here to help!



Sunday Worship Service - 20th September 2020


Catch the Watch Party today on the following FaceBook pages:


Heidi Jones Hercus or Lochbroom and Ullapool Church of Scotland.


or use this link: https://youtu.be/RMTSwhFuy3Q  to view on Youtube.



Let's go to Church! Guess the parable?  A teeny tiny Faith!

There's a wee guest appearance of "Faith Hercus" - please don't be offended that a dog was in church!



Future Events

All weekly groups are suspended until futher notice.




facebookUpcoming events are advertised here and on our Facebook page,

Lochbroom & Ullapool Church of Scotland


Please take a look - we look forward to seeing you soon!





Rev'd Heidi Hercus Tel: 01854 612360 Email: HHercus@churchofscotland.org.uk