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The Church of Scotland operates a 'territorial' ministry in which every part of Scotland is served by a church. Elders have responsibility for the caring of our finances, buildings and, more importantly, those who live in our parish.

Our minister is a minister of 'Word and Sacrament', meaning that her main roles are to lead worship and administer the sacraments. Our minister also performs many other duties including weddings, funerals, home and hospital visitations and community work.

The Church of Scotland, as part of the Reformed tradition, celebrates two sacraments - Baptism, where people become members of Christ's 'body', the Church, and Holy Communion, where we believe that Christ meets with us, and renews and refreshes us through a meal of bread and wine such as he had with his disciples on the night before his death.

Matters affecting our congregation are dealt with by the Kirk Session, comprising the elders and minister. Our church has adopted the unitary constitution of the Church of Scotland. Within that constitution our Kirk Session has formed a number of groups made up of members of the Kirk Session and members of the congregation to ensure that the voice of the church family is heard by the Kirk Session.


Our Minister


Rev’d Heidi Hercus Rev Heidi Hercus - has been our minister since 2018.




Tel: 01854 612360


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If you are all alone and need help at this time, please call!  No-one need panic or go hungry in this community.

Please phone Yvonne (612789) : Ruth (612790) : Robbie (612749) : or Pam (613736)  


We are here to help!


Please phone Yvonne (612789) : Ruth (612790) : Robbie (612749) : or Pam (613736)  


We are here to help!



Worship for Sunday 12th September 


Elijah's Mantle


The service was led by OLM Simon Jackson and was not recorded.


With every blessing...


Rev. Heidi



Elder & Session Clerk 

Mrs Pam Mackenzie - as Session Clerk, Pam is the official record keeper of the church. Her role involves preparing for Kirk Session meetings and making all the appropriate arrangements for Communion services. She liaises with the conveners of the church action groups and generally supports the Minister and work of the Kirk Session.

Tel: 01854 613247



Elder & Treasurer

Mrs Ruth Clark - the main duties of the Treasurer are to maintain the financial records of the congregation and produce annual accounts. Ruth ensures that income is collected and authorised payments are made promptly. She prepares budgets and reports on financial matters to the finance committee and Kirk Session. The Treasurer liaises with the fabric committee on the funding of both regular maintenance and major projects. Finally, she also monitors the church’s bank accounts and investments.


Tel: 01854 612790





Miss Joan Buchanan – is the Mission & Outreach Convenor

Tel: 01854 613389


Joan is our link with Bill and Rosemary Rettie. 


Bill and Rosemary RettieBill Rettie was commissioned and sent out from Lochbroom and Ullapool Church of Scotland in 1986. Serving with AIM (Africa Inland Mission International) he was assigned to Cheptebo in the Kerio Valley in North West Kenya to establish a new outreach programme with Africa Inland Church. Bill married Rosemary, an AIM missionary from Northern Ireland in 1988 and they served together at Cheptebo for the next 14 years. They have two sons, Andrew and Paul, who are living and working in U.K.

The Ullapool congregation has supported the family prayerfully and financially since 1986. The Cheptebo Centre is now managed and run entirely by national workers. The Centre has a flourishing demonstration and training farm, a large conference centre and an Agricultural Training College. Bill and Rosemary have now retired from AIM and live in Nottingham where they are serving in leadership positions in a large evangelical church. They still maintain close links with Cheptebo, making regular visits to encourage and assist in ongoing development of the strategic ministry.



Mrs Pam Eddington – is the Worship & Education Convenor

Tel: 01854 613389


Mr Tony Hercus

Tel: 01854 612360


Mr Mike Newman

Tel: 01854 612635



Rev'd Heidi Hercus Tel: 01854 612360 Email: HHercus@churchofscotland.org.uk